Seated Yoga at our Homes

We have been running Chair Yoga Sessions at all 3 Homes every Tuesday at various times and this is enjoyed very much by all our Residents and it was lovely to receive such a positive email from one of the Relatives whose Mother enjoys it very much.

"Dear Antony and Janel


I wanted to email you on behalf of my Mum, Frances, who is resident at Rutland Home. We would like to let you know how much she is enjoying the yoga sessions with Mika on a Tuesday morning and how much benefit she is getting from them. I sat in on one of the early sessions and it was fantastic to see a large number of the residents taking part, some with the support of the staff. Even those who weren’t able to participate but were in the room looked to be enjoying the calm atmosphere and benefitting from the visualisation techniques that Mika talked through. It was great to see Mum and a couple of the others really focusing and managing to follow a lot of the instructions and push themselves (safely) to do the exercises.


I really hope that the yoga will continue, I know Mum looks forward to it and I can definitely see a change in her both mentally and strength wise (she has significant mobility issues) following the sessions. We really did want to just say Thank You for providing such a therapeutic and beneficial activity.


Many Thanks, Carla"



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Seated Yoga at our Homes